Achieving Gender Equality and Diversity in the Natural Sciences

A webinar series held online on zoom each Monday, 4-5 pm, between 20 September and 15 November 2021, open free of costs to all interested persons.

male and female scientists on orange background
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The Swiss Academy of Sciences unites expert societies of Natural Sciences. The members of these societies usually include professionals in research, technology and science, who are active in private and public institutions. Whilst many women study Natural Sciences, they are still widely under-represented compared to men in advanced and leading positions.

The Platform Biology of the Swiss Academy of Sciences thus decided to organise a series of nine public webinars to address causes and consequences of this situation, and to propose solutions for achieving a wider diversity in science and research. The Organising Committee members are Astrid Oberson, Swiss Society of Agronomy, Carmen Faso, Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, Nicole Imesch, Swiss Society of Wildlife Biology, Didier Picard, Life Sciences Switzerland, and Laurent Vallotton, Muséum Genève.

The webinar series will focus on the ‘leaky pipeline’ that stands for the decreasing proportion of women from university studies towards advanced and leading positions in research and science. We will address topics such as the importance of diversity, recruitment processes, the role of biology, measures to promote gender equality as well as researchers' career stories (from junior to advanced positions, full professors and leading positions).

Each webinar lasts one hour, typically with two to three speakers, and is moderated by Romaine Jean, journalist and communication consultant based in Geneva. Participants will be able to ask questions and to get involved in the discussions. Some webinars will be recorded and published on the website of the Platform Biology, together with a written summary by Romaine Jean.

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