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3rd Women in Physics Career Symposium


Campus Zentrum ETH Zürich

In its 3rd edition the Women in Physics Career Symposium is now fully established as an integral and recurring event of the SPS Annual Meeting.

Frauen in der Physik 2024 (Teaserbild)

The success of this symposia series led to the establishment of a new SPS Commission for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which is tasked to organise the symposia from now on and to work on the topic of gender balance, diversity, equity and inclusion more broadly.

As in the first two successful editions in 2022 and 2023, our focus remains on boosting the careers of women physicists by building a professional and mentoring network in physics for female early-career scientists from the undergraduate up to postdoctoral stages. The event will feature a series of career talks, which will provide information on navigating a career in physics from the personal perspective of invited speakers covering several career levels. Speakers pursuing successful careers both in and outside academia will provide us with insights about key moments of their careers. Ample opportunities for networking, exchange of experiences and ideas will be additionally provided via extended coffee breaks and a lunch event. Although, the event is focused on connecting mentees from the undergraduate up to postdoctoral career level with experienced mentors, we invite participants of any gender and from all career levels to register for this event to contribute and benefit from the networking.

Since the symposium is an integral part of the conference, just use the general registration form on the right.

Organizing Committee: Ana Akrap (Université de Fribourg), Tobias Golling (Université de Genève), Marc Janoschek (PSI), Heidi Potts (Zurich Instruments), Aline Ramires Neves de Oliveira (PSI), Philipp Schmidt-Wellenburg (PSI), Anna Sfyrla (Université de Genève), Andreas Läuchli (PSI/EPFL), Teresa Montaruli (Université de Genève)


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