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Edith Alice Müller Award 2020

The PhD Prize of the Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy (SSAA) was attributed this year to two laureates.

Laureates of the Edith Alice Müller Award 2020: Ewelina Obrzud and Gioele Janett
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The Edith Alice Müller Award 2020 has been attributed to two young researchers:

  • Dr Ewelina Obrzud (UniGE and CSEM) for her thesis on High repetition rate laser frequency combs for astronomical spectrograph calibration
  • Dr Gioele Janett (IRSOL) for his thesis on Numerical Methods for the Transfer Equation of Polarized Radiation

The thesis of Ewelina Obrzud contributes to the development of astronomical spectroscopy by offering perspectives for the improvement of existing and future extreme precision spectrographs.

The thesis of Gioele Janett deals with the numerical intergration of the transfer equation of polarized radiation. It is a thorough numerical analysis of existing algorithms and it explores new veins for numerical methods capable of dealing with discontinuous and intermittent media.