La piattaforma MAP comprende società specifiche e organi scientifici provenienti dalle discipline di matematica, di astronomia e di fisica. Sostiene le attività di queste organizzazioni e coordina e promuove la ricerca e la formazione in matematica, astronomia e fisica.

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Women in Physics Career Symposium 2023

For the second time, the Career Symposium for Women in Physics took place as a satellite event of the annual meeting of the SPS (Swiss Physical Society) on 4 September.

Program of the career symposium "Women in Physics"
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The event helps female researchers in the early stages of their careers to build a professional network and find a mentor. It is primarily aimed at female undergraduates up to post-docs.

Presentations by female physicists with successful careers in and outside of research were followed by a panel discussion. At the same time, the event served to bring together mentors and mentees, who will meet several times throughout the year and plan the mentees' careers.


  • Carriera
  • Formazione dei giovani talenti


Dr Marc Janoschek
Paul Scherrer Institute PSI (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Head of the Laboratory for Neutron and Muon Instrumentation (LIN)
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI