La piattaforma MAP comprende società specifiche e organi scientifici provenienti dalle discipline di matematica, di astronomia e di fisica. Sostiene le attività di queste organizzazioni e coordina e promuove la ricerca e la formazione in matematica, astronomia e fisica.

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International Day of Light - Events in Switzerland

Around the Day of Light on 16 May, numerous events will take place in Switzerland.

International Day of Light – 16 May
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The Day of Light is celebrated internationally and numerous events take place worldwide on the role of light in science, culture, art, sustainable development, but also in medicine, communication and energy. In Switzerland, too, those interested can visit various events to find out more about different aspects of light:

  • 20-21 May, Basel St. Margarethen Observatory, "From dawn to dusk", lectures and light measurements.
  • 15 June, Basel Congress Center, Daylight Symposium 2022, exchange platform for architecture, planning, industry, research and authorities
  • 18 - 22 September, Basel Congress Center, European Conference on Optical Communication, the largest European conference on optical communication