La piattaforma MAP comprende società specifiche e organi scientifici provenienti dalle discipline di matematica, di astronomia e di fisica. Sostiene le attività di queste organizzazioni e coordina e promuove la ricerca e la formazione in matematica, astronomia e fisica.

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Hier finden Sie Neuigkeiten zu Preisen, die die SCNAT oder Kommissionen und Gesellschaften der Plattform MAP vergeben.

Zudem berichten wir jedes Jahr über die Vergabe des Physik-Nobelpreises.

Prix Schläfli

The Prix Schläfli has been awarded by SCNAT to the best scientific dissertations in Switzerland since 1866. In the MAP area, it is awarded in turn in each subject - 2020: astronomy, 2021: mathematics, 2022: physics, etc.

Prix de Quervain

The "Prix de Quervain" is funded by the Swiss Committee on Polar and High Altitude Research SKPH and the Commission for the Research Station on Jungfraujoch SKJF. The "Prix de Quervain" for Polar and High Altitude Research is attributed to young scientists for outstanding achievements in their MA or PhD thesis or other research projects. On even years it is awarded for polar research and on odd years for high-altitude research.


Every year, the Swiss Institute of Particle Physics awards a prize for the best doctoral thesis in the field of particle physics.

Edith Alice Müller Award in Astronomy

Since 2018, the Swiss Society for Astronomy and Astrophysics (SSAA) has awarded the annual Edith Alice Müller Award for outstanding astronomy PhD theses in Switzerland.

Crystallography Prize

The Swiss Society for Crystallography awards every second year a prize for the best PhD thesis in crystallography.

Nobel Prize in Physics