La piattaforma MAP comprende società specifiche e organi scientifici provenienti dalle discipline di matematica, di astronomia e di fisica. Sostiene le attività di queste organizzazioni e coordina e promuove la ricerca e la formazione in matematica, astronomia e fisica.

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Portraits of women in science in the fields of MAP

The Platform MAP aims to show how women scientists in the formerly male-dominated fields of mathematics, astronomy and physics (MAP) have successfully established themselves in Switzerland. Its aim is to encourage young women to poursue a university degree in these fields and/or an academic career.

A first portrait series of 12 women researchers was published monthly since March 2021. The new series of 2023 "Science opens doors" portraits women scientists who have left academia and now use their skills in various professions at the service of society.

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Miriam Gantert - ausgebildete Physikerin - Innovationsberaterin

Science opens doors

12 portraits of women researchers