La plateforme MAP comprend des sociétés spécialisées et des organes scientifiques dans les disciplines des mathématiques, de l'astronomie et de la physique. Elle soutient les activités de ces organisations et coordonne et promeut la recherche et l'éducation en mathématiques, astronomie et physique.

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Finals of the national competition 2022 of "Schweizer Jugend forscht"

At the finals of the national "Schweizer Jugend forscht" competition, 125 young people presented their work. Among them were impressive projects from the fields of mathematics, astronomy and physics.

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The national contest of "Schweizer Jugend forscht" invites 16 to 23 years old students from all around the country to perfom a research work at the end of their high-school or professional school. The work is done under the supervision of experienced scientists in different fields and it is a great opportunity to have a research experience at a very early stage of the students' career.

At the finals in Lugano, the works of Ricarda Klein - "UV light - the enemy of plastic?" in the category physics and technology and of Jonas Kühne "MatVision - development and implementation of an artificial intelligence for image classification of materials in Java" in the category mathematics and computer science, among others, were awarded the rating "outstanding".

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