La plateforme MAP comprend des sociétés spécialisées et des organes scientifiques dans les disciplines des mathématiques, de l'astronomie et de la physique. Elle soutient les activités de ces organisations et coordonne et promeut la recherche et l'éducation en mathématiques, astronomie et physique.

Image : ESO


Cette page offre un aperçu de toutes les nouvelles, événements et publications dans les domaines des mathématiques, de l'astronomie et de la physique en Suisse.


SciFi Tracker inside LHCb detector
Restarting the LHC: a new era of physics data

After three years of a scheduled break, the Large Hadron Collider LHC at CERN is back at full throttle, accelerating particle beams at record energies and since 5 July 2022

Image : Brice, Maximilien CERN
Logo of the International Physics Olympiad
Switzerland takes over organisation of the International Physics Olympiad at short notice

Every year, the best young physicists in the world compete in the International Physics Olympiad. This year, it was supposed to be organised in Belarus, but everything changed because of

Image : Schweizer Physik-Olympiade
Ben Kilminster (circled) watching the announcement of the Higgs discovery in the middle of the night at Fermilab
Hopp Higgs!

Ten years ago, on 4 July 2012, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations cautiously announced the discovery of a particle “consistent with the Higgs boson” at CERN. In the end it

Künstlerische Darstellung des geplanten Einstein-Teleskops.
Making (gravitational) waves in Switzerland

In Switzerland, gravitational waves go a long way. Not only were they predicted by Albert Einstein in his famous general theory of relativity; Swiss researchers have been involved in attempts

Image : Bild: R. Williams (STScI), Hubble Deep Field Team und NASA