The platform MAP incorporates societies and scientifique bodies dedicated to the areas of mathematics, astronomy and physics. It supports the organisations’ activities and coordinates and promotes research and education in the field of mathematics, astronomy and physics.

Image: ESO

Plenary meetings

The MAP Plenum consists of representatives of all member societies and working groups (commissions and national committees). It meets twice a year. Each session is accompanied by a presentation on new research facilities or main developments in the fields of mathematics, physics and astronomy.

Next meeting: to be decided

Oct. 2021

Prof. Sarah Kenderdine

EPFL, Laboratory for Experimental Museology (eM+)

Oct. 2020

Prof. Nicolas Gisin

University of Geneva

Nov. 2019

Prof. em. Hanspeter Kraft

University of Basel

Mar. 2019

Prof. em. Maurice Bourquin

University of Geneva

Nov. 2018

Prof. Jean-Paul Kneib

EPFL, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique

Mar. 2018

Prof. Philippe Jetzer

University of Zurich, Institute for theoretical physics

Nov. 2017

Input and discussion on Open Science & Open Data

Prof. Alberto Morpurgo (UniGE)

Prof. Romain Teyssier (UZH)

Eva Moser and Dr Cornelia Sommer (SNSF)

Mar. 2017

Prof. Herwig Schopper

CERN and University of Hamburg

Mar. 2016

Prof. Minh Quang Tran

EPFL, Swiss Plasma Center

Sep. 2015

Prof. Thomas Schulthess


High Performance Computing at CSCS

Mar. 2015

Prof. Farhad Rachidi

EPFL, Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

Sep. 2014

Prof. Christian Mazza

Université de Fribourg

Apr. 2014

Dr. Jürg Schefer

PSI, Laboratory for Neutron Scattering and Imaging

Sep. 2013

Prof. Johanna Ziegel

University of Berne, Department of Mathematics und Statistics

Apr. 2013

Prof. Ursula Keller (ETH Zürich)

Prof. Thomas Feurer (Uni Bern)

Sep. 2011

Prof. Elisa Gorla (Uni Basel)

Codage et cryptographie: de la théorie aux applications

Apr. 2011

Prof. Klaus Ensslin (ETHZ)

The NCCR «Quantum Science and Technology» (QSIT)

Sep. 2010

Prof. Georges Meylan (EPFL)

Les grand projets en astronomie suisse en cours et en préparation

Apr. 2010

Profs. Joël Mesot, Bruce Patterson, Raffael Abela (PSI)

PSI: Swiss FEL (Free Electron Laser)