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Image: ESO

Research at Jungfraujoch – Vision and Mission Statement 2015-2050

White Paper

Strategy for further developing the capabilities and infrastructure of the unique, internationally renowned High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch and for maintaining its clean environment.

Research at Jungfraujoch – Vision and Mission Statement 2015-2050

The vision of SCNAT and HFSJG is that the Research Station Jungfraujoch remains, and continues to develop as one of the leading high altitude infrastructures worldwide for investigating alpine surroundings, particularly in environmental and climate research.

The mission is to maintain, improve and extend, as required, the infrastructure of the Research Station Jungfraujoch and to protect its clean environment in close collaboration with the stakeholders engaged in the touristic exploitation of Jungfraujoch, so that the station can continue to serve as one of the best-equipped high altitude research stations worldwide, with the ability to support cutting-edge research, including environmental monitoring and campaigns in various additional scientific fields.


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