The platform MAP incorporates societies and scientifique bodies dedicated to the areas of mathematics, astronomy and physics. It supports the organisations’ activities and coordinates and promotes research and education in the field of mathematics, astronomy and physics.

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Verein Schweizerischer Mathematik- und Physiklehrkräfte (VSMP)

The Swiss Society of Mathematics and Physics Teachers (Société Suisse des Professeurs de Mathématiques et de Physique (SSPMP)) aims to develop the teaching of mathematics and physics from the aspect of science as well as from the methodological and educational point of view. Offering its members the opportunity to exchange ideas, experience and information, the society is also committed to safeguard the teacher’s professional interests in general.
The SSPMP regularly organises continuing education courses for secondary school teachers. In addition to their scientific and cultural content, these courses provide an opportunity for participants to exchange their ideas. Experience and individual knowledge can thus be transmitted to many colleagues.
The five permanent commissions of the SSPMP maintain publishing and organisational activities related to their specific discipline and their linguistic region.
The society’s report is published at regular intervals and ensures an active dialogue between the members of the SSPMP. It allows the publication of scientific papers, personal position takings, fundamental papers, announcements of events and administrative communications.
The SSPMP is one of the affiliated societies of the Swiss Society of Teachers of Secondary Education (Société suisse des professeurs de l'enseignement secondaire (SSPES)). It maintains regular and casual contacts with many authorities or Swiss and foreign organisations, with universities and with politics. The SSPES promotes the participation of Swiss students to international Olympiads in mathematics and physics.

Year founded: 1903
Number of members: 560 (2017)
Verein Schweizerischer Mathematik- und Physiklehrkräfte (VSMP) is a member of SCNAT, Platform Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics (Platform MAP)


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Verein Schweizerischer Mathematik- und Physiklehrkräfte (VSMP)
c/o Hansjürg Stocker
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