The platform MAP incorporates societies and scientifique bodies dedicated to the areas of mathematics, astronomy and physics. It supports the organisations’ activities and coordinates and promotes research and education in the field of mathematics, astronomy and physics.

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Swiss Mathematical Society (SMG)

Logo von Schweizerische Mathematische Gesellschaft
The Swiss Mathematical Society (SMS) aims to advance and spread the mathematical sciences and their applications. The SMS supports research and interaction amongst its members and institutions, both in Switzerland and within the international community. The SMS also reaches out to the general public and to students.
The Swiss Mathematical Society publishes two internationally well-known scientific journals: "Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici" and "Elemente der Mathematik". Every year, the SMS hosts a spring conference and supports a number of scientific meetings and seminars.
The SMS has delegations and committees in national and international organisations. In order to promote mathematical sciences among prospective students, the society offers a variety of services to high school students and teachers via the website "Mathematics@School".

Year founded: 1910
Number of members: 527 (2017)
Swiss Mathematical Society (SMG) is a member of SCNAT, Platform Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics (Platform MAP)


Swiss Mathematical Society (SMG)
c/o Prof. Dr. Joachim Rosenthal
Department of Mathematics
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8057 Zürich